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Gone are the days when one had to struggle to find Private/Home Tuitions.

Ghar-e-Kaksha ia a personalised tuition segment of P.Shiksha 4.0 headquatered in New Delhi. Learn with the India's best faculties with a total experience of more than 100 years, having taught more than 1 lakh students. Ghar-e-Kaksha's vision is to bring classes to your home either offline or online with personalised teachers.

If you are looking for the
highly rated, qualified, experienced and verified personal tutors, then your search ends here.

Having a personalised home tutor assigned to you makes it easier for you to clear your doubts and understand the concept thoroughly. Our professional tutors devote all of their attention to you only and elaborates on the questions & queries in details. You can study at your own pace. You can ask all your doubts without any hesitation. 

As the child progresses from lower class to higher class, the concepts get tougher and the pressure to cope up with the increasing syllabus also increases. While some children find it difficult to understand the new concepts, some children do not get the proper attention. For this reason, Ghar-e-Kaksha has been launched as one of the key segment of Premi ji's Shiksha 4.0

A student gets the complete attention from our experienced tutors at the comfort of his/her home. Our tutors will understand the weak areas of the student and analyses their learning speed so that they can help them in the best way possible.

Personalised Tuition Vs Coaching Centre

In Personalised home tuition, the student enjoys all the attention of the tutor while in coaching, a teacher has to look after all the students.

Your child would feel more comfortable to ask the question to a personalised tutor but in the case of coaching, he/she might hesitate to raise questions if they are shy in nature.

Your child would be ahead of the syllabus if they are a quick learner, however, in the case of coaching centres, they might need to wait till other students complete the same.

In the case of personalised tuition, tutors can use customized teaching methods for your child whereas, it is not possible in coaching.

Your child gets an environment with fewer distractions at home but in coaching centres, there are other students who sometimes make distractions and create a "not-fit for concentration" kind of surrounding.

The personalised tutor gives better results than coaching centres. A lot of travelling time is saved when you opt for personal tutoring and that saved time can be devoted to studies or other activities to improve overall results and health. A child can study at his/her own pace, irrespective of other students.


School Tuitions

  • Class I to X:   All Subjects

  • Class XI:

    • Science Stream:

      • All Subjects

    • Commerce Stream:

      • All Subjects

    • Humanities Stream:

      • All Subjects

  • Class XII:

    • Science Stream:

      • All Subjects

    • Commerce Stream:

      • All Subjects

    • Humanities Stream:

      • All Subjects

Entrance Exams

  • IIT JEE:

    • Mains & Advanced:  All subjects


  • NEET:                  All subjects

  • CLAT:                  All subjects

  • GATE exam:

    • Electronics & Communication Engineering (ECE)            All subjects

  • CAT Entrance:   All subjects

  • XAT Entrance:   All subjects

  • BBA:                 All subjects


  • UPSC:

    • Civil Services:

      • Prelims: GS + CSAT

      • Any Subject for Mains

    • IES:

      • ECE All Subjects Prelims

      • ECE All Subjects Mains

    • CDS Entrance: All subjects


  • ​NAVY Entrance Exam: All subjects


  • NDA Entrance Exam: All subjects


  • Intelligence Bureau: ACIO: All subjects


  • Airforce Group X: All subjects

  • SSC:

    • CGL:     All Subjects of Tier I, II, III

    • CPO:     All Subjects of Tier I & Tier II

    • CHSL:  All Subjects

College Tuitions

  • B.Sc. (H):

    • Mathematics

    • Physics

    • Chemistry

    • Botany

    • Zoology

  • B.Tech:

    • Engineering Mathematics:

      • All Semesters

    • ECE:

      • All Subjects

Olympiads and General



  • Olympiads:

    • International Mathematics Olympiad

    • RMO

    • NTSE:

      • All Subjects

    • KYPY:

      • All Subjects

    • Indian Computing Olympiad

    • Indian Olympiad in Informatics

    • NSEIS

    • HBBVS

  • English Speaking:

    • Advanced level

  • Professional English Writing

Banking and Other

Employment Exams

  • SBI:

    • PO:              All Subjects

    • Clerk:        All Subjects

  • IBPS:

    • PO:              All Subjects

    • Clerk:          All Subjects

  • PO Entrance:

    • All Banks:  All Subjects

  • Clerk Entrance:

    • All Banks: All Subjects

  • LIC AAO:            All Subjects

  • EPFO PO:         All Subjects

  • CTET:                All Subjects

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