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General instructions, terms & conditions for tutors registered with us:

1. Updating & analyzing chapter progress: We encourage you to update the chapter progress as the parents are notified about the same and help build confidence in you.

2. You can ask the child/student to take tests time to time and evaluate the performance immediately thereafter. Parents can also view these performance reports. It is an outstanding tool to impress and update the parent and differentiate yourself from the next-door tutor.

3. Featured Tutor: The technical team of our organisation will create an impressive & complete profile of the featured tutor. Each featured tutor will have an individual webpage on our website. Our AI computational algorithms will match your profile and preference with the requirements of the student. Our AI powered algorithms will increase your chances of being selected by over 35%.

4. The annual registration charge is non-refundable and is to paid duly by the tutor at the time of registration. Registration will be considered incomplete in case of failure of payment. 

5. Commission will be applied for all NEW tuitions provided by us as well as referred by any of our client.
First month commission:
                                          - 50% of first month's fees (in case of monthly payments)
                                          - 50% of first 12 classes (in case of hourly payments)

6. For exams like IELTS, TOFEL, PTE etc., the commission charged will be 40% of the total fees.

7. We don't guarantee the durability of any tuition. It totally depends on tutor's quality and goodwill with the clients.

8. If any tuition provided to you continues for the next year (after the completion of one year), the tutor has to pay the commission as applied in point 5.

9. Commission amount will be collected from the clients by Premi ji's Shiksha 4.0 only or by tutor if allowed by us.

10. The commission amount should be paid to us within 7 working days from the date of the fees collection from the client else you will be charged 100 INR per day as fine.

11. If any client calls a tutor after a gap of few days/weeks/months of the trial class, then it is the duty oft the tutor to inform us. If the tutor does not inform us then it will be considered as a malpractice and this could even result in the cancellation of the registration of the tutor.

12. Tutors are requested not to indulge in any activity other than tutoring.

13. In case of any fraud by tutors with any client or with Premi ji's Shiksha 4.0, then we are free to take legal action against the tutor.

14. Tutors are requested to update us about their present address & phone no. immediately if changed and provide your ID proof to clients if demanded by them.

15. Tutors are requested to be punctual and behave/talk/dress up as a gentleman/lady while visiting for trial or regular class.

 By registering with us, you comply to follow our teams & conditions & your acceptance might be utilized in any court under Delhi jurisdiction.

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