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Winter Internship Notification

We are offering Internships in different departments. This internship will help you to understand and enhance your skills while working with us. This internship is partially online and partially offline by keeping in mind your safety during the pandemic of COVID-19. This internship will help you to gain work experience or satisfy requirements for a qualification. This internship programme is framed by keeping in mind the All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE) norms & guidelines.


Internship is open for the following positions (position code):

1.) Business Development Analyst Intern  (IN01-2021)
2.) Business Development Intern in Marketing (IN02-2021)
3.) Business Development Intern in Sales (IN03-2021)
4.) Business Development Intern in Research & Operations (IN04-2021)
5.) Business Development Intern in Management (IN05-2021)
6.) Creative Website Designer (IN06-2021)


Open for all branches; 3rd and 4rth year students


Upto 7-12% of the revenue generated by the interns
80,000 INR


Certificate of completion
Letter of Appreciation
Exposure with the organization
Direct interaction with the clients


Online or Offline; depends on student's will


Interested applicants are encouraged to submit an expression of interest through an e-mail.
Please ensure the below documents should be attached to the e-mail:
- a concise cover letter that describes your suitability for this position (max 1 page)
- a copy of your current CV.

As a follow-up to the application, our team will be visiting to the campus and invite the applicants for interview. The interview will include two elements:
We will ask you to prepare a 7-8 minute presentation in which you address 3 things:
1. your CV
2. your passion for applied position
3. general skills, your attitude to teamwork, feeling regarding interdisciplinary activities

This will be followed by a conversation with members of our organization. The applicant will be expected to explain what his contribution might be to the advertised position. The entire interview is scheduled to take around 12 minutes.
Applications can be applied through e-mail or the link given below

Duration of internship: 4 weeks

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