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Car Dealerships That Buy Out Leases

In that hypothetical case, the dealership could pay the finance company $20,000 for the off-lease vehicle, credit the customer $4,000 towards the purchase of another vehicle, sell the off-lease vehicle for $26,000, and still make $2,000, she said. All while selling the same customer another vehicle.

car dealerships that buy out leases


According to Eric Lyman, vice president of residual-benchmarking company ALG, 20% of all lessees returning in July ended up purchasing their maturing lease vehicle; up almost double from pre-pandemic levels of 11% in 2019. Ford Credit reported that for leases that expired in the second quarter of 2021, 34% were returns. A year earlier, it was 76%.

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If you are considering a lease buyout, first confirm with the lessor or dealer that it is an option. Or you can refer to your monthly leasing statement to find the payoff amount if a lease buyout is permitted.

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Technically, the leasing company owns the vehicle, so you must follow their rules when it comes to any decisions about the car. You do have options that can switch up the conventional leasing process, however. Keep reading to get to know other possible routes to take when your lease is ending. If you still have questions, talk to our staff at Fiore Toyota for more information on your lease-end.

Before deciding what will happen when your car lease ends, you must first know how much your car is currently worth. You can do this by using online value and pricing tools from sources like Kelly Blue Book and the National Automotive Dealers Association. In addition to (or instead of) that, you can have your local dealership or an online used-car retailer make an offer on buying the car.

Unfortunately, this end-of-lease option may not be available based on which automaker you originally leased from. "Due to tight inventory caused by the chip shortage, a number of manufacturers and their dealership finance arms want to protect their inventory and don't allow for selling leased vehicles," says Montoya. "In 2021, that list included Nissan, Infiniti, Honda, Southeast Toyota Financial, GM, Ford, and Mazda."

Due to a shortage of good used car inventory, many car dealers are looking to buy and may be willing to pay a good price. To sell to a local dealer, you would do a lease buyout and turn around and sell the car. You could also choose to sell your leased car back to the dealership that did your lease and get money or trade-in value towards the purchase of a new car. Selling To An Online Service: Companies including CarMax, Autotrader, and others, purchase cars or help facilitate sales. Be sure to check the value of the car and compare it to the lease buyout value before making a commitment to sell.

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A regular title will be replaced with a scrap title if your vehicle has one or more major component parts that have been wrecked, destroyed, damaged, stolen, or missing to the extent that the total estimated cost of repair is 91 percent or more of its pre-damaged value.

When you lease a vehicle, make sure all the terms of the lease are in writing, that you understand the terms of the lease and that you agree with the terms. Leasing may involve additional costs for excess mileage, early termination, or excess wear and tear.

"People are going to see for the first time, ever, that car that's been sitting in their driveway, that they've put some miles on it, is actually worth more today than the month prior, the year prior," explained Ivan Drury of the car shopping site,

According to Drury, the shortage is partly due to the lack of computer chips needed to build new cars. He said rental car companies are also so desperate to increase their fleets, they too are buying used cars. That combined with the idea that some are still wary of public transportation because of the pandemic means prices are skyrocketing. "Year over year, you are talking about a 30% increase in used car values."

"I was beside myself. I was so angry," he said, pointing to a $1,579 lease buyout fee that was a total surprise. "They said because of COVID and because of the shortage, there's nothing we can do. That's our policy," he said, adding that nothing about the fee was in his contract.

O'Donnell hopes his story will at least make dealers think twice. "I'm hoping this sparks something where all of a sudden, dealerships go, 'Oh wait, we can't just surprise people with mysterious fees out of nowhere.'"

To get a car that's equivalent to yours in features, you may have to step up to a higher-priced model. And new car transaction prices (what people actually paid) rose 12.2% in January compared to a year ago, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics' consumer price index Summary.

Before your lease is up go to, Kelley Blue Book or Edmunds to find out the current value of your car. Then compare that value to your buyout price. You'll likely discover that you have substantial car equity.