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Voodoo Labs Pedal Power 2 Manual Free

Developed through years of building and setting up custom pedalboards, Helweg Design screw-mounting brackets and risers offer secure lock-down and quick removal of effect pedals, control units, and power supplies.

voodoo labs pedal power 2 manual

When assembling a pedalboard with one or several Le Preamp, choosing the right power supply is very important. There are lots of good pedalboard power supplies out there, but not many can deliver the amount of current the Le Preamp series require to work properly (this current is due to the use of a tube powered with high voltage).

You will find below a list of a few pedalboard power supplies that could be used to power one or more Le Preamp pedals, along with a Torpedo C.A.B., and other pedals. Please note this is only for indication purposes : this document can in no way replace the user manual of the mentioned power supplies (which can be submitted to change), and does not substitute to the Le Preamp series user manual and specifications.

With each one of these four outputs delivering 100mA, you can easily power any 9V battery-operated pedals. Boss pedals that specify the PSA adapter operate at 9V like most other pedals. Boss pedals that require the ACA adapter operate at 12V which can be selected via switches underneath the Pedal Power 2 Plus. Any one of these outputs can be individually selected to run at 9V or 12V.

The Vibe-2 nails that old school "Vibe" sound and then some. It drips with the heavy pulse and deep tone found in the old vintage Uni-Vibes that we all love. The Vibe-2 is powered by a 24 Volt DC wall power supply that we provide with each unit. The Vibe-2 can also operate with many of the commercially available DC power supplies used by guitarists to run their pedal boards. Since most DC power supplies do not have a 24VDC output, this is achieved by summing two twelve volt outputs (24VDC total) with a properly wired summing "Y" cable which we provide as well. The Vibe-2 needs sufficient amperage (400mA minimum per 12 volt output) to function properly. Units such as the Voodoo Lab "Digital", Strymon "Zuma" and the Vitoos "DC8" are examples of power supply units units that will allow the Vibe-2 to operate at a high level of performance. The Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2 for example, WILL NOT run the Vibe-2 properly as its #5-6 L6 outputs set to 12 volts each will not have enough amperage to run the device when summed together using our provided DC "Y" cable. Please note that not all DC "Y" cables are wired the same. Using a "Y" summing cable other than the official cable provided by us could damage your unit and/or your power supply which will void our warranty. Feel free to call our email us anytime for further clarification regarding the operation and power requirements of the Vibe-2.

This is only an issue with ACA pedals produced prior to the summer of 1997 - later pedals were modified to work with 9 volts DC. It is also only an issue when the pedal in question is powered by itself - as soon as there's a regular 9vDC pedal in the chain (both signal and power chain), the ACA pedal will receive full power from 9 volts DC.

THE U-915 includes two rear panel stereo switching jacks. These allow the user to control EVERY manual function REMOTELY via external footswitches (not supplied). Innovative power and relay switching allows this functionality without sacrificing any tone or depth of effect.

Pedalpower2 is EIGHT SEPERATE POWER SUPPLIES in one box.Other power supplies are just one supply with multiple outputs.We don't recommend the high power small digital switching powersupplies with our pedals, we recommend ones with transformerslike this one or the Boss wallwart style (we sell generichigh quality 9V and 12V dc wallwarts for $15 each).

What's good for charging a cell phone is NOT good for your pedals. While digital switching power supplies are small and inexpensive, they also generate unpredictable transients and extraneous noise. Pedal Power 2 Plus uses an audiophile quality linear supply for consistently stable, clean, pure power.Also, every one of the eight outputs on the Pedal Power 2+ offers twopossible settings, one of which is 9VDC. So it's one of the most versatile power supplies also. And, because the Pedal Power 2+ is known to be such aquality product, it is recommended as a power source by companies likeAnalogman, Line 6, etc., and included as a standard or optional feature on custom pedal boards manufactured by several different companies. Voodoo Lab products also stand out in that they are all hand-built in the Voodoo Labs shop in Santa Rosa, CA., not mass-produced overseas.This is one of the reasons they can afford to offer a full five year warrantyto the original owner on every Voodoo Lab product, including the Pedal Power 2+. TECHNICAL INFO WARNING! The following info may be hard to understand,and I can't explain it any better (so please dont ask for more info in an email) but here is howthese 5 and 6 outputs work:

The Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2 is a universal power supply for all battery-operated guitar pedal effects. New features include two outputs that will power Line 6 modeling pedals and two outputs that can have a variable voltage "sag" to emulate dying carbon batteries. NOTE : The LINE 6 output is not REALLYan AC output, the line 6 pedals will work on DC too. But the LINE 6output will not power pedals like the Captain Coconut-2 whichdemand true AC power. On the 2005 PP2+, the outputs5 and 6 will have 250mA of current available, to run the Boss Twin pedals, when in normal 9V setting. All 8 outputs are set from the factoryfor normal 9V Boss style output. They change when you switch theassociated DIP switch underneath. Like the original Pedal Power, each of its eight outputs are completely isolated, short circuit protected, regulated and highly filtered. The Pedal Power 2 comes complete with cables, detachable AC power cord, is hand made in the U.S.A. and carries a 5-year warranty.

Each output is completely isolated. This means that you won't have any ground loops or interaction between pedals that can cause hum and noise. It also means that unlike other "common ground" power supplies, you can run effects that have both negative and positive grounds without difficulty.

There are two types of Boss pedal effects, which specify either PSA or ACA type power supplies. Boss pedals specifying the PSA type adapter operate at 9V like most other pedals. Boss pedals which specify the ACA type adapter operate at a higher voltage. See our FAQ for more info on the boss adaptors.

The Voodoo Lab Pedal Power is the only universal power supply available which will power any type of Boss pedal effect. There is a selector switch for each DC output on the bottom of the Pedal Power to select the correct voltage.Only the first 4 outputs can be set to ACA voltage, however.

NOTE that the ACA output (12.2V DC) can also be usedto give a bit more voltage to certain pedals which can utilize it.For example, our TS9/808/Silver mods and Clone Chorus reallyenjoy the extra voltage and you may prefer the tonewhen powered in the ACA mode.

Each output on the Pedal Power is short-circuit protected. This means that if you have a short in a power cable, or one of your pedals malfunctions, the Pedal Power will temporarily turn off the power to that pedal. All other outputs will continue to function normally and the Pedal Power is not damaged.

Power transformers create an electric field that can cause hum and noise in your effects. Some effects, such as wahs, are particularly susceptible to this. A toroidal transformer has a specially designed core that greatly reduces this electric field. The Pedal Power uses this type of power transformer so that your pedal board is quiet.SPECIFICATIONSInput: IEC connector120V 60Hz or 50Hz (plus model only). We only sell this US version, sorry we can not get the overseas versions.Outputs: Eight 5.5x2.1mm barrel connectors, center negative. Cables included end types: Six with 5.5x2.1mm barrel connectors One 2.5mm One EH/MXR style plug One 9V battery snap. Cables are about 20 inches long.

I have some extras of of the above standard cables, plusa reverse polarity cable available for $3.50 each. We have a Y-Cable to convert two PP2 outputs to 18V, for $15.Also have a special reverse polarity Y-Cable for convertingtwo 12V PP2 outputs to 24V DC for EH pedals like theDeluxe Memory Man, etc, also for $15.Please email me if you would like to add these to your order.Sorry we can't take orders for JUST CABLES, if you just need extra cablesplease order direct from voodoo labs. 350c69d7ab

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