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Set yourself apart from the crowd and become the MVP (Most Valuable Person) on your campus.
Campus Ambassador: A student liaisons hired to increase engagement, awareness, and use of a company's products or services on their college campus.

BACK TO COLLEGE is a well-managed campus ambassador program which have many learning opportunities for students. They use to be first on their campus to learn about the company’s latest product releases and features. Students will gain many skills like team management, organizing events, public speaking, social media, content, and technical skills. This program will provide opportunities to get connected with many other like-minded student leaders across various campuses. You can add your Campus Ambassador Program experience on your resume, which is a value-added.

How does the Campus Ambassador Program differ from an Internship?

An internship is a kind of temporary employment where students have to perform specific tasks assigned to them. At the same time, they will be provided training on the skills you need to complete. Some internship pays the students while in some other you will gain real experience or academic credit. A typical internship lasts from weeks to months, and it can be part-time work, full-time during any time of the year.
Unlike internships, Campus Ambassador Programs are informal positions, where you do'nt work from any office but responsible for spreading the word about the organization they present. Here students are given minimum supervision, and students can find their ways to perform and have more control over what they work. Student Ambassador Programs use to get more networking opportunities from like-minded students and mentors. Anyway, both offer students some experience that can translate to skills on their resume.

# develop strategic collaborations
# curating marketing ideas
# interact with our leaders
# experience the culture
# organise events, seminars, workshops
# increase your learning opportunities
# social media marketing
# personal & professional development
# exposure to real marketing
# lifetime support & mentorship
# attractive perks

~ Letter of appreciation
~ Certificate of Excellence
~ Pre-approved internship in analytics/marketing/sales/management/R&O at Premi ji's Shiksha 4.0
~ Attractive discounts on various event & workshops provided by us
~ Opportunity to become the team leader in our future programs/projects
~ Discoverability
~ Recognition of active campus connect on our website

# any undergraduate student
# reliable and hardworking
# knowledge of MS-Office at intermediate level
# should possess good relevant skills
# should be able to devote atleast 4 hours/week

~ Brand development
~ Marketing & enrolling students in training programs
~ Be the official ambassador & representative of our organisation in your campus
~ Coordinate the execution of promotion activities in your campus
~ Share our brand's posts, videos, events & services on social media and send email to friends and potential users
~ Spread awareness about the brand
~ Curate marketing ideas and their implementation
~ Provide the necessary help and answer the questions to users
DURATION: 8 weeks
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