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Premi Ji's Shiksha 4.0 is an education consultancy. We provided a number of education services at the comfort of your home. As you are stuck at home because of the wake of COVID-19, we are bringing classes to your home.

P. Shiksha 4.0 is a global ed, learning, and consultancy platform with a substantial and diversified base of consumers that includes students, professionals, universities, and corporates. We are building a mobility and learning community of people, students and global partnerships, to catalyze world citizenship. Our team is disintermediating the existing structure of services, and re-igniting our business model to help transform individuals and businesses in the backdrop of a borderless world.

To create a comprehensive and collaborative ecosystem, we will deliver a transformative experience to all our consumers and ensure that our work catalyses the global citizens of tomorrow, today. We are harnessing the power of technology and leveraging the expertise of our people.

We believe that education today must equip students to bravely define their own future in a constantly changing tomorrow. With this consultancy, we will prepare students to navigate a world that may vary well be dominated by automation; a world where jobs, businesses and industries going obsolete overnight is completely normal. Our vast experience in education will be channelled to deliver a transformative experience to all students. Through our work, we will prepare the thousand-year-old industry for profound change.

We are obsessed with student-interest, unconditionally. We never drive our agenda.We are upfront and transparent, but never harsh. We focus on eliminating friction. In conversations, technology and experiences.

We understand our responsibility in shaping confident, impactful cosmopolitans of the future. We believe, we play a small but significant role and we do so with the highest standards and integrity. We don’t boast or gloat.Because we are style, not flash.


We are ambitious and confident. We are here to challenge the status quo. We are a bunch of enthusiasts who work with agility to pre-empt the needs of our customers. We are perpetual learners, hungry to know more about our students, universities and industry. And we don't shy away from having some fun along the journey.

At P. Shiksha 4.0, we are one. We don’t operate in silos but a collective community. We have a vision, and each of us, like a cog in the wheel contribute to it at every level. We are global. We are inclusive. We, just like our students, are cosmopolitans.

We are "P. SHIKSHA 4.0"

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